Who We Are

Volunteer Committees

The IDUG mission is accomplished through the efforts of an incredible number of volunteers who have dedicated their time to advancing the information services community through Db2. IDUG supports the following volunteer teams:

Australasia DTS Committee
This committee supports the development and facilitation of the new IDUG Data Tech Summit to be held in Australia.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors leads the entire IDUG organization. This esteemed group of Db2 professionals outlines the strategic direction and ensures all organizational objectives are met.

Content Committee
The Content Team defines the overall direction for global content across all IDUG programs and drives initiatives to constantly deliver valuable content to the worldwide IDUG community.

EMEA Conference Planning Committee
The EMEACPC plans, coordinates, and facilitates the annual IDUG Europe, Middle East & Africa Db2 Tech Conference held in Europe.

Global Marketing Committee
The GMC directs and supports all marketing strategies, concept development, and selection of editorial content for all of IDUG’s publications and conference marketing materials.

Latin America Conference Planning Committee
This CPC plans, coordinates, and facilitates IDUG events held in or for Latin America.

North America Conference Planning Committee
The NACPC plans, coordinates, and facilitates the annual IDUG Db2 Tech Conference held in North America.

Regional User Group (RUG) Committee
This committee supports IDUG Regional Db2 Users Groups (RUGs) around the globe. 

Web Committee
The Web Team provides support to IDUG members by ensuring that IDUG's online content, and access are operational all across the organization.

The IDUG Mission Statement

The International Db2 Users Group (IDUG®) is an independent, not-for-profit, user-run organization whose mission is to support and strengthen the information services community by providing the highest quality education and services designed to promote the effective utilization of Db2.

Interested in Volunteering? 

We are always looking for members to join our team! View open positions and learn more.