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Our Call for Proposals is OPEN! Are you interested in joining us in Charlotte? We'd love to hear more about your session. Create a user login and complete our NEW abstract submission form in our NEW speaker submission platform before January 5, 2024.   


IDUG Now Offering Fundamentals Courses for z/OS & LUW

These learning opportunities are available onsite only at our North America and EMEA conferences. Participants can master Db2 fundamentals while also benefiting from the overall IDUG conference experience! These four-day for-beginners courses are designed for those who need to acquire the basic skills required to administer a Db2 database. Learn more (and register) here:       

Will we see you at IDUG @ IBM TechXchange in Barcelona?

IDUG is proud to host a NEW event in 2024 – join us for a 16-session track at IDUG @ IBM TechXchange, January 23-25! More information and session descriptions can be found here. Space is our track is limited, so register today to save your seat! 

Have You Heard? IDUG has a podcast!

We're thrilled to announce the success of IDUG's new podcast, Db2 Table Talk, hosted by Marcus Davage and Julia Carter. Take a listen on your favorite platform, or visit us here for a new episode each month. 

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Thank you for joining us at EMEA 2023 in Prague – make plans to join us in Valencia in 2024!  

Mark your calendars now to save the date for the IDUG 2024 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Valencia, Spain, on October 27-31. Our call for presentations will open just after the new year, so be on the lookout – we can't wait to see you there! 

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  • Thursday

    NEDB2UG RUG meeting z/OS

    Community Event

    Dec 7, 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM (ET)
    Agenda: 9:00 Agenda: IDUG opening remarks 9:15 Db2 for z/OS and DFSMS for the DBA - Hennie Mynhardt 10:15 Break 10:30 Ask the developer: the REST interface to Db2 for z/OS - Tom Toomire, with discussion moderated by Mark Rader 11:30 Virtual Lunch 12:30 Db2 for z/OS online schema – past, present and future - Haakon Roberts 1:30 Meeting Wrapup

  • Thursday


    Community Event

    Dec 7, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM (ET)
    Presentations: Introductions Db2 Native REST Services and z/OS Connect Lab Connectivity Check Lab Exercises: Lab Exercise 1 – Managing and executingDb2 Native REST Services that leverage a Stored Procedure or a SQL statement to retrieve Db2 data. Lab Exercise 2 – Creating an API using z/OS Connect. In this exercise attendees will use one of the Db2 REST services created in lab exercise 1 as input to the z/OS Connect tooling to build and test a fully RESTful API. Audience The audience is architects, database administrators, application developers, and other decision influencers interested in creating RESTful APIs using Db2 for z/OS SQL statements and stored procedures.

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  • Hello Mark, I’m working on analyzing IFCIDs from different sources (SMF, GTF, IFI-calls) with REXX. If you’re, or anyone else, interesting in my setup please send me a note (to ...

  • Yes, Mark, I am referencing to the documentation for the 361 in DSNWMSGS / DSNDQW05. There is a comprehensive list of authority types (108 values possible as Roy pointed out), ...

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