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Premium Membership provides access to our full library of technical content, including conference session recordings, as well as discounts to the major IDUG technical conferences throughout the year. Premium membership costs $199 per year when paid individually. In addition, an employer may purchase memberships in packages for their employees. Your premium membership includes access to:

  • Interactive Db2 forums
  • Sponsored content including webinars and articles
  • Full technical articles
  • $100 USD discounts on IDUG EMEA, Australasia, and North America*

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  • All conference PDF proceedings**
  • Access to all recorded conference sessions**

* in-person events
**after nine months if conference was not attended

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Standard Membership is the basic level provided to any IDUG members who has created an account on This membership is free, and provides limited access to the technical content on Your standard membership includes access to:

  • The Db2 Listserv
  • Sponsored content including webinars and articles
  • Technical article previews

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Conference Benefits

  • PDF conference proceedings archive*

* after 18 months

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Student Memberships are available to university students who can provide proof of enrollment at a recognized educational institution. These memberships provide nearly all of the benefits provided to Premium Members.

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$100 Discount to IDUG North America
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PDF Conference Proceedings Archive
(after 18 months)
PDF Conference Proceedings
(after nine months)
Access to Recorded Conference Sessions

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